New Year, new look - whaddya think? I'm really stoked with the update - it was a few hours of frustration and geekery but I think it's turned out very fresh!

I thought before I put up my resolutions I would do a quick review of 2011.

  • earthquakes, shakes, rumbles and cracks
  • flooding
  • breaking my tooth
  • not seeing my sister
  • work stress

So I've decided to post my resolutions so that I can track them and provide updates throughout the year to see how I'm going. So. Here we go.

  • eat breakfast every day
  • practice yoga daily
  • learn the ukulele or banjo
  • sew at least once a week
  • make a quilt
  • appreciate my job
  • hug more
  • eat at least two vegetarian meals per week
  • get up early
  • take care of my teeth - flossy floss
  • get to know the neighbours
  • draw more
  • paint more
  • wear red lipstick
  • plant a vege garden
  • spend less
  • take more pictures
  • get a better camera
  • eat fish once a week
  • get a caravan
  • buy more books
  • kick the habit
  • bake
  • see more live music
  • get more involved in community projects
  • don't procrastinate - there's never a right time!
  • talk to my sister more
  • go to a warm place for a holiday
  • talk to C more
  • meet new people
  • go on a yoga retreat
  • visit nana more often
  • write more
  • go to an upskill course
Well, that's it, I think. It's not a very original list but it's mine. I know I will have more to add to it throughout the year - as I did last year - but I know I am already off to a great start with some of these.

The last few days have been a super start to 2012 as I have been spending some time with the gorgeous Gaby from this little port who helped me start to tick off a few of the above ('vegetarian meals' - if you're in Chch make sure you visit The Lotus Heart and 'meeting new people').

I now have around 2 and a half weeks before I go back to work so let's get started. Woo motivation.


  1. Reece Godinet5.1.12

    Ive done at least one of those things. Grown a vege garden. You really have to see it to believe it.

  2. Loving the new blog look! It's fab. And i'm always happy to help with resolutions, especially when they involve eating ;)

  3. Anonymous12.1.12

    we all know which is the most important resolution in that list dont we alice...
    go for it .. kick it