a dog's bed

So this is how our wee Lucy used to sleep in the afternoons...

But after a bit of sewing and stuffing she can now sleep like this...

 or this..

or even like this!

I put her cushion together by folding in half a length of fabric and then sewing around the sides (like a large cushion). I then sewed the internal square, leaving a little gap to stuff it. After filling the inner section I sewed that up and then stuffed the outside and finished the end seam. I'm so glad the little lady likes it and it's a lot cheaper and colourful than the $50 ones at the pet shop! I think she's having dog dreams about playing with her friends Max and Vader at the park and I know she hopes her big bodyguard Vader gets better soon.


fft friday

ooh look at me abbreviating! In all honesty I just couldn't be bovered writing it out. I'm rather tired, this week has been a serious shock to the system. I have struggled getting back into the old routine in the office. My body is still getting used to work shoes, early mornings and the desk chair. I'm sure it gets easier.
So, let's get on with it shall we? Here are my favourite things from this week.

Flights to Wellington for the arts festival in February! Planning new holidays when you get back to work is the BEST.

Sugar. Sometimes sugar just makes everything better. Sure, the crashes aren't neat, and your teeth resent you but gummy bears definitely improve my mood on the afternoon slog.

Ok so here it goes. I'm a nerd. *Deep breath* I like fantasy novels. I'm talking more than Harry Potter here, they've got elves, magicians, portals to other worlds, political drama in far away lands and epic struggles between good and evil. I have been devouring the Raymon E Feist Riftwar Saga. Shame on me.

Caravans. I spend an abnormal amount of time looking at pictures of caravans online. They are cute, compact little home away from homeses. I particularly like this one I found on pinterest.

We've had some moisture down our way this week and I have to say I have loved being woken up by a heavy downpour and watching the garden thrive. Rain is rejuvenating and relaxing, even though it's meant to be summer.


mini break

Now that I'm back to the office grind I thought putting up some pics of our weekend would be a nice way to rid myself of the back-to-work blues. Here is a wee montage of our mini break at the top of the South Island.

the view from our bedroom at the beach house

lake rotoroa, a stop worth making

the sandflies were out of control

what a view

the house we stayed at in Riwaka was i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e

little kaiteriteri

C's beach feet

my beach feet


five favourite things friday

This week moved so quickly, we have been hosting some guests, I have been starting to work on the sly during my holidays - curse the day they invented emails on phones! and we have been walking Lucy a lot now she has had her final puppy vaccination and can't catch nasty dog diseases. Here are my five favourite things from the week....


Hurrah! The trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, a new Wes Anderson film. I'm such a fan of his kooky work. Especially The Life Aquatic - who doesn't like Bill Murray!? You should get the soundtrack, its David Bowie songs sung in Portugese!

Flower arranging. I was making our spare room pretty for guests. 

This great Portlandia clip my sister sent me. I love the tongue in cheek crafting and I love her red hat.

Zucchini fritters. These are in season at the mo and this is one of the most delicious ways to eat them. I'll put the recipe up soon. 

And lastly... HOLIDAYS. Pics to come after our small trip up north. Have a good weekend!


crochet slippers

Slippers are a strange thing to be making in the middle of summer as the mercury rises. I know this. But what about those of you in the northern hemisphere with chill blains? This, my friends, is for you. I love these slippers, not only are they cosy and cute they are for anyone! - C saw me making them and requested a pair too (His are the teal and mustard ones). I got the pattern from the darling Pip at Meet me at Mikes - she has GREAT crochet tutorials and many links to others online.

My cankles look a bit strange as I took off my sandals prior to taking the pic and they left little crevasses. Just so you know.

We are heading up to Nelson tomorrow for a quick trip with some of our friends visiting from Australia. One short holiday burst before I go back to the grind.


five favourite things friday

Woah, a feature!
So this is something that I'm going to try and do each week, it's essentially just a wee list of my favourite things from the past week. What are your five favourite things from the week?

Pear and gorgonzola salad from the Mediterranean Food Company. (I didn't take a picture of it, was too busy eating it!!). Some of the noises I made while devouring this salad could be deemed inappropriate for young audiences.

The latest edition of Good magazine.
One of the best publications. Ever. This edition also came with a Good Shopping Handbook for 100+ ideas for eco, natural, healthy and ethical products. Good, you are good.

It is exactly as the bottle says 'The perfect thirst quencher'. Barkers Lemon & Lime has been wonderful for the hot afternoons we have been experiencing of late. We got a recipe from Nana for lemon cordial also. Once this bottle runs dry we may have to give her recipe a go.

MMMMM pomegranate. The weirdest fruit but so tasty! I squeezed and munched and slurped my way through this one. Warning - do not wear white while eating pomegranates. Here is a handy link on how to de-seed them - it also has some interesting facts about Poms too!

Annd lastly, the goose. Lucy Goose. She's being sneaky on the couch with her cheeky smile. I love her.


a shoulder bag

 I have been pondering on the best way to show off this fabric for a while now (I love the birds!). It is now a bag. A relaxing way to spend 30 mins on a Thursday between grocery shopping and taking Miss Lucy to the vet. Was going to pop it up on Our Creative Spaces but the posts haven't started yet for 2012. Better get a new project underway!


a day at nana's

I'm still working diligently towards achieving my resolutions and managed to work on another today.

It was lovely as always listening to Nana's stories, eating her wonderful food (Spanish Cream!!) and marvelling at her garden. C and I even managed to leave with some goodies in tow. Here are some pics to summarise.

Gorgeous Akaroa Harbour

Picked up Nana's fruit order in Little River

sweet peas

yum yum yum

treat to take home            


peg bag

Here's a quick 15 min project to keep your hands busy. It's also practical too.
Lucy destroyed (oh yes, destroyed - she ripped it to shreds) our old peg bag so I have used the hanger from that and a corner from a retro tablecloth to make a new one.

This is a really simple project from The Crafty Minx that you can make with items lying around your house. You only need an old wire coat hanger (like the one's from drycleaners) and an old tea towel. You can applique words and pictures onto them too! Here are some snazzy ones I found on Pinterest.

Source: via Alina on Pinterest

Way to make something so dull so pretty!