crochet slippers

Slippers are a strange thing to be making in the middle of summer as the mercury rises. I know this. But what about those of you in the northern hemisphere with chill blains? This, my friends, is for you. I love these slippers, not only are they cosy and cute they are for anyone! - C saw me making them and requested a pair too (His are the teal and mustard ones). I got the pattern from the darling Pip at Meet me at Mikes - she has GREAT crochet tutorials and many links to others online.

My cankles look a bit strange as I took off my sandals prior to taking the pic and they left little crevasses. Just so you know.

We are heading up to Nelson tomorrow for a quick trip with some of our friends visiting from Australia. One short holiday burst before I go back to the grind.


  1. Love them! Are they easy? I haven't crocheted anything in AGES but I'd like to get back into it.

    lots of love from oz xx

  2. Yeah they are pretty easy, I had to start over as the pattern on meet me at mikes was pretty wide for my feet but once I got the hang of it it was smooth sailing!

    Love to you too, hope everything is magnificent :)