five favourite things friday

This week moved so quickly, we have been hosting some guests, I have been starting to work on the sly during my holidays - curse the day they invented emails on phones! and we have been walking Lucy a lot now she has had her final puppy vaccination and can't catch nasty dog diseases. Here are my five favourite things from the week....


Hurrah! The trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, a new Wes Anderson film. I'm such a fan of his kooky work. Especially The Life Aquatic - who doesn't like Bill Murray!? You should get the soundtrack, its David Bowie songs sung in Portugese!

Flower arranging. I was making our spare room pretty for guests. 

This great Portlandia clip my sister sent me. I love the tongue in cheek crafting and I love her red hat.

Zucchini fritters. These are in season at the mo and this is one of the most delicious ways to eat them. I'll put the recipe up soon. 

And lastly... HOLIDAYS. Pics to come after our small trip up north. Have a good weekend!

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  1. LOVE portlandia, it's brilliant! And yay for being able to walk Lucy. xx