fft friday

ooh look at me abbreviating! In all honesty I just couldn't be bovered writing it out. I'm rather tired, this week has been a serious shock to the system. I have struggled getting back into the old routine in the office. My body is still getting used to work shoes, early mornings and the desk chair. I'm sure it gets easier.
So, let's get on with it shall we? Here are my favourite things from this week.

Flights to Wellington for the arts festival in February! Planning new holidays when you get back to work is the BEST.

Sugar. Sometimes sugar just makes everything better. Sure, the crashes aren't neat, and your teeth resent you but gummy bears definitely improve my mood on the afternoon slog.

Ok so here it goes. I'm a nerd. *Deep breath* I like fantasy novels. I'm talking more than Harry Potter here, they've got elves, magicians, portals to other worlds, political drama in far away lands and epic struggles between good and evil. I have been devouring the Raymon E Feist Riftwar Saga. Shame on me.

Caravans. I spend an abnormal amount of time looking at pictures of caravans online. They are cute, compact little home away from homeses. I particularly like this one I found on pinterest.

We've had some moisture down our way this week and I have to say I have loved being woken up by a heavy downpour and watching the garden thrive. Rain is rejuvenating and relaxing, even though it's meant to be summer.

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  1. One of the few cheap things in Switzerland is 350gram bags of Haribo gummibears. They almost killed me. Now I have gone cold turkey as the only way to preserve what's left of my sanity and teeth. It won't last.

    I loved riftwar back in the day. If you like it and you haven't read the Empire trilogy then you should check it out too :-)