a dog's bed

So this is how our wee Lucy used to sleep in the afternoons...

But after a bit of sewing and stuffing she can now sleep like this...

 or this..

or even like this!

I put her cushion together by folding in half a length of fabric and then sewing around the sides (like a large cushion). I then sewed the internal square, leaving a little gap to stuff it. After filling the inner section I sewed that up and then stuffed the outside and finished the end seam. I'm so glad the little lady likes it and it's a lot cheaper and colourful than the $50 ones at the pet shop! I think she's having dog dreams about playing with her friends Max and Vader at the park and I know she hopes her big bodyguard Vader gets better soon.

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  1. I love her. And this bed. Good on you!