Crafty Minx mittens. Made with sleeves from an up-cycled wool jumper.

It arrived. After a baited-breath wait, it arrived. Now it seems like the whole country is covered in snow!
C and I ventured out this morning to build a snowlady and walk down to the park where kids were sliding down the hill.

Keeping warm inside now with mini pies made with the leftovers of last nights casserole and mini sewing projects. Mmmm mittens to protect my extremities! The 'cold snap' is meant to last for a few more days yet, I wonder how productive I can be?


We stood awkwardly at the top and waited for someone to offer their board. No one did.

Snowy the snow lady. The belle of the snow-ball (ha ha snow ball). 


  1. She needs the pink mittens I feel but I do love the slightly quirky querying grin:)

  2. She is a curious kind of girl. I should say she 'was'. Alas she is no more. There is now a snow-pile with a footprint on it. Naughty kids.