hold it!

Keys by the front door

For big necklaces
  If your house is anything like mine there are always those little bits and bobs that don't really have a proper place in a drawer or on a shelf. Solution: Fabric Holdy-Boxes. That's the official name I have given them, not very marketable but descriptive at least.

I made up the pattern and I used 4 strips that were 30cm wide, 15cm high. Choose a contrasting fabric, or a print with a calico inner like these and have 2 strips of each fabric.

Pin the two strips of the same fabric in a cross shape, both right side up, sew the internal square.
Repeat for the other fabric.

Pin up the sides of the cross, right sides together and sew to create a box. Repeat with the other fabric.

Pin the two boxes around the top rim, right sides together, (leave a little gap to fold out) and sew the boxes together.

Fold out the right way through your little gap and fit one box into the other. Sew up your little gap. Ta da! Now put your bobby pins, earrings, keys, pens, receipts and whatever else is lying around in your holdy-box for instant tidy times.

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