all zipped up

The little zip purse! This one I put together in the french provincial-style fabric to hold all my little goodies (perfume, lip balm, mints) in my bag. This is probably one of the most simple sewing projects you can do, all you need is some fabric cut into squares, a zip and a sewing machine - with a zip footer. If you'd like me to put a tutorial on here, do let me know.

We've had a busy weekend with dinners, breakfasts, dvds, library visits, craft fairs and thrifting. One of my favourites purchases was this book

Fantastic reference guide for (just about) everything. As you can see it's got Earaches to Earthquakes to curing forgetfulness (I need this one! My long-term memory is especially bad).

Sadly now I'm suffering from sunday-itis and feeling impatient for the next weekend to roll around.

Oh and it's Keep NZ Beautiful week! Sign up for your local clean up event or start your own. We have signed up to clean up the river on saturday morning, maybe I'll see you there.

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