busy hands

Hurrah! I'm excited about cleaning. Sad I know, but my first order from Wendyl's Green Goddess has arrived. The starter set is fantastic and covers most cleaning requirements of an average home. The label of each product has a (super simple) ingredients list and instructions on how you can make it next time. Also, they smell amazing with their essential oil aroma bases.

No major projects taken on this week as work is leaving me in a bit of a daze. To keep my hands busy with mindless activity I whipped up this tie/scarf last night. Wore it today and loved the bright red.

Other musings:
Have recently discovered roast parsnip. For nearly all my life I thought I disliked parsnip, turns out I was wrong. Lovely.

The internet chews up so much time, where do the hours go? Pinterest is the biggest time waster of all for me at the moment. I'm building my own boards and will link them soon.

Handy hint:
Do you get the mineral build up at the bottom of your kettle? Easy fix, chop a lemon into quarters, fill the jug, boil it and leave overnight. Empty the lemon pieces and water in the morning and rinse. Shiny new kettle. Yay.

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