all eyes on

What a week! Bit out of routine and quite dazed now we are at the end of it. Early morning flights, late nights and dinners have left me feeling quite guilty for my lack of 'blogging'.

Most of our eyes have been on all things english this week and just found this video which I thought was worth sharing.

What I'm quite excited about this week is a new book that I'm reading by Caitlin Moran. If you're a woman, read this book. It's marketed as the new feminist doctrine but I disagree, I think this is simply a summary of some incredible experiences in Caitlin's life and her perspective on the world. It is filled with hilarious stories of Caitlin growing up in a family of 8 in Wolverhampton. Do warn you though, it's not for everyone, you do want to retain an open mind as she tackles some rather 'hot' topics.

More snow is on the way so I'm ready to bunk down and finish some crafting!


  1. Anonymous12.8.11

    You're hot. Do you own the book lady? Sounds like I should read it :)Amy

  2. I indeedy do! I'll add you to the waiting list :)