birthday jewels

October really is the start of the silly season in our house, there have been birthdays, travel, exams, rugby games and extreme weather to keep us busy. I will update you on all of the above over the next few days (hurrah for the long weekend!).

The pic above is of my wee homemade gift for the early-Libran Amy-Jane. To match her style I created a little brooch from satin and a other bits and pieces I had in the cupboard. It really reminds of the 40s style cocktail evening dresses.

Source: via Wayward on Pinterest

My mind is all-things-vintage after the Love Vintage fair in Sydney last week. I was just so lucky to go and it coincided with my birthday trip with my beautiful mum to visit some relatives over there. We spent 5(!) hours at the show where I just drooled my way down the aisles resisting the temptation to purchase everything in my path (I did pick up some wee treats though).

The real highlight of the fair was attending one of Kelly Doust's workshops and meeting her in person - I did a terrible impression of a star-struck fan at the time and will not put up the pic of us because I look like a stunned possum! It was a total delight meeting her though and I picked up a signed copy of her latest (and like always) fantastic book 'Minxy Vintage'.

The ladies from the Lindy Charm School for Girls

Spending some time in Sydney with mum was great, we wandered the streets of Newtown and Glebe and even did a mission out to Bondi. It was a strange experience to be in a CBD after not being in one for so long now.

Oh and finally - until my next post - if you have the chance, go see Submarine, the new Richard Ayoade (of IT Crowd and Mighty Boosh fame) film. Great acting and styling in a coming of age story.

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