in winter wonderland

Last night C & I flew in late from a wonderful weekend in Auckland (I will gush about Waiheke another time) to snow starting to collect on the road on our drive home. By midnight there was almost 10cm on the ground and when we woke up the backyard was this:

I remember the total excitement as a kid waking up and seeing your own home transformed so silently overnight into a beautiful white playground.
The snow continued to fall and the neighbourhood was full of squeels of delight from kids frolicking.
With the roads covered there was no work, or leaving the house at all, except to get milk at the dairy and a wander down the street through the slush. An inconvenience, but absolutely the best kind.
A day stranded meant that I could finish this book that I got at the airport:

Wendyl is so inspirational and I thoroughly recommend you visit her site for handy tips for reducing chemical inputs into your home. I am looking forward to trying her recipes for cleaning and am even trying to figure if I could fit some chooks in the backyard.

The rest of the day was spent working on my knitting,

 rescuing animals - we are now officially dog-sitting - hello zita!

and making peach and pear crumble.yum.

As for the weather, lets see what tomorrow brings. Secretly I'm hoping that we may have another day stranded as I have some felt work that I wanted to do and a skirt to make that I have been meaning to put together for ages.

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