warm joy

Now that the snow is melting and its a matter of staying warm through the freezing (-2°C!) nights I am so grateful to have my patchwork wool blanket.

Even though putting together a blanket like this is a time consuming process - finding the oversize tight knit wool jumpers, gently shrinking and washing them, and deciding what order to put your squares, it is well worth the process. I cuddle up with mine every night on the couch. Tonight its with a pinot, recovering from the work day and enjoying some Jonathan Creek. I was talking to a felting expert in Hamilton recently who advised me how easy it would be to add some detailing to the blanket. If I get up the nerves to give it a go I'll post the results.

The design for the blanket is from Kelly Doust's book The Crafty Minx.

Kelly is a self taught crafter who puts together the simplest patterns and is also a vintage clothes aficionado, I'm hoping to pick up her book A Life in Frocks soon.
I have made a few different things from The Crafty Minx and I'll gradually pop them on here for you to take a nosy at. For someone new to crafts I highly recommend this book.

Tonight I'm going to try out a homemade muesli bar recipe - sadly quite excited - I've promised C that it's going to be better than a bought one, fingers crossed.

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