boxing boot camp day three

We need a montage. A sporty fit montage. Pump some iron, do some lunges, punch and jump. Very exercisey.

16 degrees, drizzle and a cold breeze were a motivation tonight to get the muscles pumping. I almost enjoyed myself. And, ohhh this is the best bit, there was no sprint, jog, sprint, jog. Hurrah!

Stitch did afflict me halfway through my star jumps and my hip is starting to act up but apart from that I am feeling fitter. I think wearing a muscle tank also motivates the punches more so than a baggy tee. I felt like a real exerciser.

I wonder if I'll keep this up after bootcamp. I can see myself gently jogging around the neighbourhood. I could be one of those people, you know the types, the ones that run for fun. Imagine that.

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