boxing boot camp day four

I had my first motivational crisis today. After corporate carnage all day I was so fatigued that I began to internalise a really complicated situation in my head. To go or not to go. To fight or flight.

I went. How could I let my diary down?

I went through the motions and built up my second layer of sweat for the week. As the exercises now are routine I focused more on the psychology of the trainers. How do they motivate us?

Blackmail is one option. If you don't finish three reps of burpies, star jumps, press ups, sprints and jogs in the allocated time then the whole group has do to ten burpies. Guilt pushes you through. Or you just pretend you did three, like Jules said "I'm gonna lie".

Temptation is another motivation. "Nearly there, one more sprint and then you can rest", "It's the last class of the week", "Almost done, Almost done". I think this is the technique that I am most responsive to. I do like my rest and being told that I can have some if I just do a  little bit more means I will follow through.

Positive reinforcement. "You're doing great guys", "You are the fastest group", "Great work, great press ups".
This verbal condescenion grinds my gears. I have built up a resentment towards them as their pathetic excuses for compliments are hollow and totally de-motivational. Oh and I also find their jokes about doing an extra ten press ups hilarious*.

Can you tell I'm tired? And maybe a little bit grumpy? I need some yoga to balance me out.

*I'm being sarcastic. I sweated all my wit out today.

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